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QuickBooks Retail Point of Sale 2006/07

Retail Point of Sale is retail intelligence at
your fingertips, including the features
you need to track all of your sales,
inventory, purchase orders, customers
and accounting.

Retail Point of Sale has had years of
experience in this industry and comes to
you with a wealth of ‘functionality'.
Designed to make training new staff easy
and the ability to process sales faster,
you will wish you had made this change a
long time ago.                                                                                   

Retail Point of Sale is suited to a variety of retail industries including sports stores, convenience stores, nurseries, auto, health and hospitality.

Why spend more time at work than you have to doing manual labour, when Retail Point of Sale can automate the way you run your store.

    “… integration back into QuickBooks provides flexible reporting tools
    and flow on to financial analysis options beyond sales and margin.”

PC User magazine, August 2006   

Features & Benefits
 • Seamless Integration to QuickBooks
 • Industry Standard Hardware
 • Fast Sales Processing
 • Touch Screen Compatible
 • Table tracking/kitchen printing
 • Front Counter Management
 • Promotions
 • Customer Management Tools                                                           
 • Inventory Control

Seamless Integration to QuickBooks

A retail solution is not complete without a seamless integration to the worlds best selling accounting solutions, QuickBooks. QuickBooks is the backbone of your solution for stock control, customer accounts, sales people and chart of accounts. Choose from QuickBooks Plus, Pro, Premier or Enterprise 2006/07.

Industry Standard Hardware

Retail Point of Sale can be used with a wide range of point of sale hardware, including integrated EFTPOS options.

The hardware includes:
 •  Cash Bases cash drawer
 •  Axiohm Telesto thermal receipt printer                                              
 •  Datalogic CCD barcode scanner
This hardware offer is only available when you purchase a full version of QuickBooks Plus, Pro, Premier or Enterprise with Retail Point of Sale. Redeem your hardware with Quicken. Valid to the 14th August, 2006 or until stocks last.

Fast Sales Processing

Retail Point of Sale is designed with all of the tools you need to ensure sales are processed quickly, giving your staff more time to spend with your customers.

Always find the item you want by scanning, search for an item by any field, set up hot keys for your fast selling items, perform quick price checks or quickly bring up a group of items that fall under the same category.

Put multiple transactions on hold at one time, add a message to the transaction ie customer name or table number and recall from any terminal.

With Retail Point of Sale you have control by enforcing password protection on sensitive POS features ie refunds or discounts.

Transaction history makes reprinting a receipt quick and easy and you can even add item prompts to remind your staff of a companion sale or promotion.

Touch Screen Compatible

Whether you have a touch screen or not, this functionality gives you the ability to make managing your front of store operations even easier. With Retail Point of Sale touch screen you can add buttons, size buttons, choose your colour scheme and even add pictures to your buttons. And if this is not enough you can even create as many touch screen layers as you like, this is a great feature for those stores with items that do not have barcodes like bakeries, bars and cafes.

Table tracking/kitchen printing

If you are in the hospitality industry you will wonder how you ever managed without Retail Point of Sale with its functionality to easily track table orders, send orders to the kitchen, recall orders from any terminal and track order numbers.

Special instructions for the kitchen can be added to your customers order ie they would like their steak cooked medium/rare and only items marked to be sent to the kitchen will be printed. And if anything should happen to your kitchen printer you can quickly re-direct the kitchen receipt to your local receipt printer.

Front Counter Management

Customise your point of sale to suit your business needs. Make money management a priority and know exactly how your store is performing, any time of the day with the Retail Point of Sale Status Graph.

Customise the end of day process for your staff to enforce a cash drawer reconciliation and set the reports that you need printed every day to print automatically. The Balance Report will give you your total sales for the day, what you should be expecting in your drawer and what was counted. The Time report is also another handy tool when you are working out your staff rosters.

Staff turn over in retail can be high but with the Retail Point of Sale Training Mode, re-training has never been easier.


Set up your promotions ahead of time, assign the date and time the promotion is to start and finish then sit back and let Retail Point of Sale do the rest.
Set up multiple promotions at a time whether it is for all customers or a specific group of customers. Print reports to track active promotions and print sales labels with the label design and print software included in Retail Point of Sale.

Customer Management Tools

Customer accounts can be easily managed at the point of sale with options to set price levels or set percentage discounts for family members, staff or loyal customers.

Print barcodes to stick on your customer store cards for fast retrieval at the point of sale, report on customer sales by individual or group and send personalised letters with our seamless integration to Microsoft Word.

Manage your laybys, set terms and conditions and print the Outstanding Laybys report to give you a break down of just how outstanding each layby is.

Inventory Control

When Retail Point of Sale has 7 different item types to work with, extensive search capabilities and over 100 reports to choose from, you know your inventory requirements are well taken care of.

In Retail Point of Sale we manage all types of inventory, be it simply an item you wish to track sales and stock on hand for, just sales, service items, group items to sell as a kit or purchase in a case and sell as a 6 pack. Or perhaps you need to track sales by units of measure ie kilos, metres or litres.

With the integration to QuickBooks you have the ability to print over 100 different reports that can be customised to your liking and saved for future use. Or with our seamless integration to Microsoft Excel, you can play with real data to look at 'what if' scenarios.
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