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QuickBooks Asia Edition

Compatible with Vista™

The #1 business and financial management system for the small and medium enterprise. It covers the complete business cycles of our businesses from our Suppliers to our Customers.


   “The fundamentals in QuickBooks are very strong: an easy-to-use
     interface, efficient data entry, excellent reporting capabilities and
     adaptable enough for many different business needs. It has a good
     range of products for different sizes and types of businesses...
     The QuickBooks range also nudges ahead of the rest due to its
     usability, flexibility and introduction of useful new services."

PC User magazine, August 2006   

As an entrepreneur, one of the inescapable aspects of our business is managing and taking into account our finances. This is a necessity especially for us micro and small business-owners because of our limited financial resources. We want to properly and orderly record our business transactions and immediately on-demand get the latest financial report and information on how our business is doing. In the long run, investing in such a system will significantly improve our efficiency and our professional image to our customers -- contributing more to our bottomline.

The system is scalable because it has a number of variants that can cater to our budget and needs - from a single-proprietor, single-user micro enterprise to the more complex, features-rich, and multi-user medium enterprise.

We have also proven it to be applicable in most, if not all types of micro and small business. We have implemented QUICKBOOKS in the following business segments:

 • Wholesale distribution
 • Retail
 • Hospitality
 • F&B / Restaurants
 • Professional services                               
 • Contractors (engineering, architectural, civil works)
 • Manufacturing (industrial and agricultural)
 • Non-profit
 • Film and entertainment
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