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QuickBooks Premier 2007/08

Compatible with Vista™

The most comprehensive tools for fast and
easy multi-user financial management. Equipped
to help your business achieve better results,
Premier meets specialised needs with
industry-specific versions incorporating
comprehensive tools and multi-user capability.


   “The fundamentals in QuickBooks are very strong: an easy-to-use
     interface, efficient data entry, excellent reporting capabilities and
     adaptable enough for many different business needs. It has a good
     range of products for different sizes and types of businesses...
     The QuickBooks range also nudges ahead of the rest due to its
     usability, flexibility and introduction of useful new services."

PC User magazine, August 2006   

Features & Benefits
 • Built specifically for your industry (Not applicable for Philippines Edition)
 • Share data among up to 3 simultaneous users***
 • Have greater control over data
 • Increase efficiency with advanced tools
 • Comprehensive employee management                               
 • Instant access to your information, the way you want to see it
 • Better tools to make financial decisions
 • Ask help questions from nearly anywhere
 • Integration with online banking*

Built specifically for your industry

QuickBooks is now available in industry-specific editions that offer specialised tools and features unique to your industry, because we recognise that different industries have different needs. Whether you're an Accountant, Contractor, Manufacturer, Charity organisation, Professional, Retailer, or Estate Agent we have got a specific version for you.

Share data among up to 3 simultaneous users

QuickBooks Premier allows up to 3 users to work on the company file at the same time.

*** 5 Simultaneous users for Upgrades and Subscriptions

Have greater control over data

Set user permissions to restrict access to your confidential and sensitive financial information. This feature is especially useful if your business has multiple users of QuickBooks, and you want to restrict access by user to parts of your financial data. QuickBooks allows you to password-protect your closing date. You can easily see any changes made before the password-protected closing date in a convenient report. The report shows you who (using the password) has made what changes.

Increase efficiency with advanced tools

Save time and costs by emailing invoices, statements, estimates, purchase orders, sales orders, sales receipts, adjustment notes, and reports. No need to manage two separate contact lists - now you can easily synchronize your contact information with Microsoft® Outlook. Track your time and employee time right in QuickBooks, with job costing to see where you're making or losing money. QuickBooks tracks job costs automatically as you write job-related cheques and track employee time.

Comprehensive employee management

Gives you easy-to-use tools and the latest tax tables you need to help manage and maintain control of your payroll. Fully integrated with QuickBooks, it saves you time and money by avoiding duplicate data entry and helping to avoid hassles associated with incorrect payroll withholding.

Instant access to your information, the way you want to see it

Once you get started, QuickBooks Plus has over 100 reports and graphs providing an overview of your business at any time. When you need in-depth information, you can navigate between financial details and a summary report in just one click.

Better tools to make financial decisions

QuickBooks is full of information to help you manage and make decisions about your business. Tools help you compare alternatives, analyse your financial position, and set policies. You can have QuickBooks remind you when it's time to pay bills, print forms such as invoices and purchase orders, print cheques, deposit money in the bank, enter memorised transactions, act on overdue invoices, or act on your personal To Do notes.

Ask help questions from nearly anywhere

Simply type a question in your own words for detailed help, tips, and troubleshooting information. Access help from nearly every screen in QuickBooks with the "Ask a Help Question" field, so you won't have to waste time looking for answers.

Integration with online banking

Users can now download their bank statements directly into QuickBooks, with easy to use functionality. Match bank statement transactions to QuickBooks transactions in a straight-forward and easy process. You can also easily add transactions that exist on the bank statement but not in QuickBooks.

* Check with your financial institution to see if they support this feature.
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