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BitDefender®… The future of security now 

BitDefender®, a division of SOFTWIN, was founded in Bucharest, Romania in 2001. A number one antivirus ranking quickly ensued and sparked heavy demand for its products across Europe and beyond. Having gone global, the company now provides superior threat management to over 41 million home and corporate users in more than 100 countries, with offices in the United States, Romania, Germany and Spain – and a major presence in numerous countries in between. BitDefender® is a pioneer in the field of security solutions and is poised to compete with the biggest names in technology through the integration of multi-level security solutions, one of which garnered PC World’s “#1 Best Buy” in March of 2006.BitDefender's achievements include the combination of a classic, effective antivirus solution with personal firewall protection in June of 2001, with behavior-blocking technology again in June of 2001, and finally with proactive protection using advanced pattern technologies in September of 2002. BitDefender's' exceptional programmers continue to provide robust technology and lightning-fast reaction time to new viruses, delivering security and satisfaction to individuals and organizations alike. BitDefender® products are available across platforms—Windows, Linux, or FreeBSD. We invite you to try BitDefender's solutions before making a purchase, and we also provide continuous online support through a dedicated live chat application. Our goal is that no BitDefender® customer be vulnerable to anything from damaging viruses to everyday annoyances like spam. It’s that simple.

A commitment to product excellence, seamless integration and extraordinary customer support sets the company apart and levels the playing field amongst the security giants. Consumers now have a choice when it comes to protecting their data, and increasingly, that choice is BitDefender®.

To learn more about
BitDefender, please visit www.bitdefender.com or send the email to cs@tal.com.hk




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